• Electrical & Automation services

    at Wärtsilä in Canada

Electrical & Automation services – turnkey upgrade, conversion

Wärtsilä is recognized globally as a key leader in the rapid advancement in marine electronic and electrical equipment. Accordingly, we have emphasized on providing a wide variety of electrical services such as, troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, upgrades to electrical and automation systems on all type of marine vessels and many land-based installations.

We provide electric propulsion and drives, power generation and distribution systems, navigation, automation and communication systems, advanced dynamic positioning technology, RADARS, SONARS and much, much more. Our Electrical & Automation Services also include turnkey upgrade projects and full modernization solutions to improve the performance, extend the life and minimise the obsolescence risk of your existing assets.  

E&A upgrades retrofits

A limited list of our E&A Product areas is as follows:

  • Automation, Navigation & Communication
  • Dynamic Positioning & Position Sensors
  • Diesel / Shaft Power Generation
  • Power Conversion / Distribution and UPS
  • Diesel / Battery Hybrid Propulsion
  • Propulsion & Engine Controls
  • Sonar & Hydroacoustic Systems
  • Safety, Security, Lighting, Entertainment & Networking
  • Eniram

Integrated Vessel Control System: Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum is the core product for the complete series of next generation navigation, automation and control systems including dynamic positioning. The entire portfolio of this series is based on shared software and joint hardware components, and utilises a common network.

Automation Products:

  • Integrated Automation System (IAS)
  • Compliant with notations DP0 to DP3, NAUT, OSV and similar
  • Ballast Control and Monitoring
  • Cargo Control and Monitoring.
  • Propulsion Control
  • Power Management
  • UPS System
  • Entertainment, Safety and Security

Navigation Products:

  • Radar
  • Conning
  • Integrated Bridge Systems
  • Integrated Navigation Systems

Diesel Electric Propulsion:

Wärtsilä is fully aligned with the growing trend in the market for diesel electric propulsion system. Frequency convertor fed propulsion system offer advantage for ships with the following special requirements in the 400 KW up to 30 MW power range.


Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa

Wärtsilä Canada Inc. has signed an agreement with Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG and is now Heinzmann’s Authorized Central Distributor in Canada. Aligned with Wärtsilä’s QuantiServ business, the agreement provides Heinzmann’s Canadian customers in the marine and energy industry an opportunity to repair, replace and upgrade their existing control and monitoring systems through Wärtsilä Canada. These diverse systems are chosen by OEMs globally as their standard and significantly improve efficiency and monitor a wide critical parameters. This is supported by our factory-qualified engineering, field service and workshop staff across Canada.

For fast response and reliability, Wärtsilä Canada can supply  high-quality governors for diesel or dual-fuel engines and steam turbines from Heinzmann. We are also able to server our customers with RE Viking35 digital electronic governor from Regulator Europa which are compatible with other manufacturers’ control units. Wärtsilä Canada Halifax shop provides service and overhaul of most common makes of Heinzmann Governors.

For emergency inquiries, please contact: 
24/7 contact number: +1 902 700 8141 (Canada)

For general inquiries, please contact:
Daryl Morse  (daryl.morse@wartsila.com)