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Wärtsilä in Canada

History of Wärtsilä in Canada

1920 1920 CGL Industries Ltd. commences business in Vancouver, BC
1957 Founding of Deutz Diesel (Canada) Ltd
1990 Wärtsilä formed a joint venture with Cullen called Wärtsilä Cullen Diesel Inc
1991 Wärtsilä Canada Ltd was established in Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax
1999 Wärtsilä NSD Canada, Inc opens a services office in Halifax, NS
2002 Wärtsilä purchased CGL Industries and established Ciserv CGL Industries in Vancouver, BC
2004 Victoria Services workshop is opened
2005 Deutz Marine Services in Montreal is acquired and merged with Wartsila Canada, Inc
2006 Ciserv CGL Industries is amalgamated with Wartsila Services creating Wartsila Canada Incorporated. Head office for Wartsila Canada Incorporated is relocated to Vancouver, BC
2006 St. John’s workshop is opened
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