Meet AHTI - a living laboratory

Testing maritime technologies in a real-life environment

Who is AHTI?

AHTI is a test centre, available to us and our partners, to test new maritime technologies without the usual red tape, costs and timing challenges. He allows us to fail fast and supports our entire innovation strategy.

AHTI has a history. With a past as a German Government fishery patroller, he demonstrates what’s possible now, with existing fleets, and helps us bring an autonomous, connected, situationally aware and data-enabled future even closer.

We can’t wait to invite you onboard.

What's AHTI up to?

14 Dec 2022 · Blog post
A spin around Hamburg harbour
Watch a timelapse video of AHTI in action when he recently hosted a group of customers on board.
23 Nov 2022 · Blog post
AHTI and friends: partner technology on board
AHTI isn’t just home to our own technology! Learn more about SEA.AI and DRYNET, whose camera and...
9 Nov 2022 · Blog post
AHTI’s first SMM
After a Covid gap, SMM returned in September and AHTI had a fantastic spot to watch it all happen! It was the perfect place to...
3 Nov 2022 · Blog post
Future possibilities for autonomous vessels
Steve Conde, on secondment from the U.S. Coast Guard, recently visited AHTI and was impressed and...
4 Sep 2022 · Blog post
A historic berth for AHTI during SMM
AHTI, our floating R&D facility, took a new berth ahead of SMM, one of the world’s major maritime trade shows.
4 Sep 2022 · Blog post
AHTI is on his way to Hamburg
After being upgraded and retrofitted in Rotterdam, AHTI is travelling to his new home port in Hamburg.
18 Aug 2022 · Blog post
AHTI is now retrofitted with new technology!
After fitting our old boat with new technology, the team takes AHTI for a spin into open water.
17 May 2022 · Blog post
Why ships run dirty generators in port
We needed electricity on board AHTI to get him up and running, but we didn’t want to run a diesel generator...
6 May 2022 · Blog post
Getting AHTI ready for upgrade
AHTI came with a long maritime history. We needed to strip him out and prepare him for his new life as our floating...
26 Apr 2022 · Blog post
What is AHTI?
AHTI is a test centre, available to us and our partners, to test new maritime technologies without the usual red tape, costs and...

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