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190th anniversary article library

To celebrate our 190th anniversary we invite you to get inspired by our people and technology stories, and to feel connected to our history of pioneers and groundbreaking innovations. Explore the stories below that showcase the unique journeys of our Wärtsilians and the innovative technologies they have developed.

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People stories

Historical image of Iris Ladd
5 Feb 2024 · Article
3 min read
Iris Ladd: from electrician to SAP pioneer
How passion and determination shaped her success at Wärtsilä.

Technology stories

Wasa Express thumbnail
13 Mar 2024 · Article
2 min read
Wasa Express: Connecting regions for a decade
Setting sail from old horizons to new together with Wasaline
Wärtsilä employee handing chemicals related to CCS
5 Feb 2024 · Article
3 min read
CO2 capture on ships to have a major impact well ahead of 2030
Learn how Wärtsilä is tackling CO2 with exhaust gas abatement technology