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Propeller modifications

Aside from a comprehensive range of repair solutions for all propulsion systems including propellers, thrusters and waterjets, Wärtsilä also carries out propeller modifications.

Trailing edge adjustment for ’heavy running’ propellers

Propeller modifications offered by Wärtsilä include trailing edge adjustment to cure ’heavy running’ propellers.

‘Heavy running’ means that power generation by the propeller no longer matches the engine performance. This can cause the engine to operate in an overload condition at inadequate RPM and leads to high exhaust gas temperatures as well as increased wear of pistons, liners and valves.

The solution is to raise the operating point of the propeller to a higher shaft speed in order to bring the engine out of the overload area. Our certified engineers can achieve this by addressing the following issues:

  • Fouling of the hull and propeller
  • Ageing of the engine
  • Incorrect design of the propeller (i.e. pitch is too high)
  • Modification of the ship (i.e. the length and/or draught of ship has increased)
  • Change in normal operating profile and/or loading conditions

Trailing edge adjustment is the most sophisticated way to cure a heavy running propeller, and a major result of this method is there is no loss in efficiency. Wärtsilä engineers are trained to perform modifications to propellers, thrusters and waterjets that are in line with your unique requirements. Our bespoke services include engineering, technical drawings, reports, steel templates and more.

Your trusted partner, worldwide

Wärtsilä works closely with you, our customer, to determine the performance of your propeller, thrusters and engine. Our bespoke trailing edge adjustment services can lower your maintenance costs, and help avoid changes to your vessel’s operational speed to ensure that you stay on schedule.

Wherever you are, the Wärtsilä global service network of engineers is on-hand to serve you locally and keep your costs as low as possible.

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