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    at Wärtsilä in the UK

Propeller and thruster repairs

Wärtsilä Specialist Propulsion services offer comprehensive propeller and thruster repairs at our repair facility in Glasgow, Scotland – and our capabilities don’t end there.


Home or away repair services

The Wärtsilä Propulsion services workshop is strategically situated alongside Glasgow Airport, to give you the best access. The facilities are purpose built to harness 32 tonnes of overhead cranage beneath the building’s 7.5m eaves. All ‘in-house’ work is carried out in the specialised, fully equipped workshop by our factory-trained specialists to classification satisfaction.

Away from home, our team is equipped to repair propellers, thrusters and water-jets for you on-site, wherever you are located- worldwide. Our ‘flying squad’ repair technicians are ready to travel the world to bring their propeller and thruster repair capabilities to you anytime, anywhere and at short notice.

Our team undertakes both standard and emergency repairs for propellers or thrusters. This includes any type of propeller, such as controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and mono blocks, and also water-jets. Wärtsilä engineers and specialist welding technicians are certified across a wide range of materials and classification societies, with experience in handling everything from stainless steel and nickel aluminum bronze, to manganese bronze and duplex. 

Highly skilled repair personnel

All propeller and thruster repairs carried out by Wärtsilä are subject to our full inspection procedure, including customer and class reporting prior to the repair proceedings. The actual repair process includes full heat treatment, dimensional checks and balancing.

To maintain these standards, our ‘flying squad’ teams of highly skilled service and repair personnel are fully equipped with their own generators and consumables. They are always fully independent to undertake emergency repairs – i.e. on disabled vessels afloat or in dry dock – at your location, wherever you are worldwide, at short notice.

Improve your efficiency by up to 5%

Polishing of propellers or thrusters in combination with repair of edge damage significantly increases the propellers operating efficiency, generally by 2-5%. The return on investment (ROI) period can be between one to three months.

Metallurgical repairs wherever you need us

Metallurgical repairs require specialised tools and equipment. This is why Wärtsilä utilises 20 ft long sea metallurgical repair containers (MRC) that we have positioned in strategic locations around the globe. These ensure that we can distribute equipment to your repair sites, quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of this approach are clear:

  • Reduced working time and minimal yard dependency
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Fast response

Saving you time and money

Like you, we understand that time equals money. This is why Wärtsilä operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to provide you with a fully comprehensive and truly cost-efficient global repair service.

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