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Shaft Line Solutions Japan is a world-leading Lip type seal and white metal bearing manufacturer for stern tube and thruster seal applications, based in the Toyama factory. Shaft Line Solutions Japan is recognized as a front runner with regards to environmentally friendly products and solutions. These include the renowned Airguard Seal as well as the recently introduced BIO Seal Ring – the first seal ring material on the market specifically developed to be compatible with Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants for service interval of at least 5 years.

The Product development and Manufacturing of the Wärtsilä Seals are made in-house, which assures the high quality and flexibility required by the marine market today. Recent investments in the Production facility included 1) expansion of Rubber factory for BIO Seal Ring, 2) Installation of additional Multitasking machine for short lead time and productivity growth and 3) expansion of R&D for future development are completed. In addition, a Training Centre facility was established inside the Toyama factory in 2015.

New site in Toyama has been started in 2021. Operation is shifting to new site and old site is closing in 2021.

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