Wärtsilä in India

History of Wärtsilä

Serving India for 30 years  

Wärtsilä in India is a success story rather well known by now. We have 30 years of experience in providing complete lifestyle power solutions in the Indian market. The company was formed to offer better services to the fast growing customer base.

In India the brand Wärtsilä is a very powerful one and is perhaps most well recognized, outside Finland. It is a name that means trust, reliability and excellence to the customer.

Company Milestones

1983 - First engine supplied by Wärtsilä Diesel in India
1986 - Incorporation of the company
1989 - Assembly factory set up at Khopoli
1989 - Issue of shares to public
1999 - 500 MW from Khopoli
1999 - First IPP signed
2003 - 100 engines under O&M agreement in India
2005 - EOU Unit at Khopoli for manufacturing gear boxes
2005 - Largest gas power plant 100 Mw set up in Tamil Nadu
2005 - O&M of STG plant
2006 - 3000 MW delivered to India
2007 - Wärtsilä India delisted from stock exchanges
2008 - O&M of WTG plant
2009 - Workshops in Khopoli & Visakhapatnam 
2012 - Remote Monitoring Station
2014 - Served 1 Million man hours without LTI at ACL site
2018 - Inauguration of 70MW Lakwa Power Plant with 7 Wärtsilä gas engines

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