Wärtsilä in India

Wärtsilä in India

In India since the early 1980s, Wärtsilä has contributed immensely to the Power segment of the country. Wärtsilä has 40 years of experience in providing complete lifecycle power solutions for the Indian Marine & Energy markets. As a leading solutions provider of rapid and flexible power plants for Utilities, Industry and IPPs, the Wärtsilä name is now synonymous with decentralised energy market.

Wärtsilä has about 600 employees in India (as of January 2024) and has delivered around 430 power plants to India with total output of over 4000 MW. Wärtsilä takes care of the operation and management on behalf of its customers in 24 locations across the country.

In the Marine market, Wärtsilä has delivered engines to vessels belonging to the Navy, Coast Guard, Port Trusts, Merchant Shipping, floating cranes and offshore rigs.

Wärtsilä’s factory at Khopoli manufactures auxiliaries/pipe modules and reconditions and upgrades engines, ship propellers and components. It also integrates High speed DG (Diesel Generator) sets for the marine requirements.