• Field service

    at Wärtsilä in Denmark

Field service

The reliability of our field services is based on a comprehensive knowledge of your installations and service history. Our global organization with more than 5000 field service professionals is available around the clock.

In situ machining
As specialists and experts in engine and propulsion systems, we are used to serving you on the spot by providing the necessary and qualified manpower to maintain or repair your equipment wherever it is located.

Technical manpower
We have a large range of competent manpower available; experts, superintendents, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians.

Mechanical, electrical and automation system audits
Field service experts evaluate the entire plant, including engines, equipment and systems.

Machinery dynamics, measurement & analysis
In certain cases vibration can damage expensive machinery components. We have the expertise and equipment to measure and analyse oscillations, vibrations and noise in propulsion systems.