Wärtsilä 38

Lightest and most compact heavy duty engine, also used for generating set applications

The Wärtsilä 38 was developed in response to a need in the market for an engine in the 400 mm cylinder bore class. The high level of technology incorporated in this engine, together with its design, and the power plant built around it, are all focused on achieving the lowest possible kWh production cost.

The Wärtsilä 38 has fewer parts, less maintenance requirements, low fuel consumption, reduced emission levels, and has the ability to run reliably on a variety of fuels.

The Wärtsilä 38 engine is fully compliant with the IMO Tier II exhaust emissions regulations set out in Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention.

    Technical data
    Wärtsilä 38 IMO Tier II
    Cylinder bore 380mm Fuel specification:
    Piston stroke 475mm Fuel oil 700 cSt/50oC
    Cylinder output 725kW/cyl 7200 sR1/100oC
    Speed 600rpm ISO 8217, category ISO-F-RMK 700
    Mean effective pressure 26.9 bar SFOC 180,6 g/kWh at ISO condition
    Piston speed 9.5m/s
    Dimensions (mm) and weights (tonnes)
    Engine type A* A B* B C D F Weight
    6L38 6345 6215 2830 2830 2122 3135 1115 51
    8L38 7960 7844 2996 2972 2209 3135 1115 63
    9L38 8560 8444 2996 2972 2209 3135 1115 72
    12V38 7461 7344 3080 3080 3030 2855 1435 88
    16V38 9018 8904 3281 3281 3030 2855 1435 110


    Rated power
    Engine type kW
    6L38 4 350
    8L38 5 800
    9L38 6 525
    12V38 8 700
    16V38 11 600
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    • Tong Xu
      The Tong Xu is a large trailer suction hopper dredger delivered in 2008. The vessel is equipped with a complete Wärtsilä package with two 12V38 engines, two gearboxes, two controllable pitch propellers, two transverse thrusters and propulsion controls.

      Tong Xu

    • HMS Queen Elizabeth
      The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy. The prime movers selected for the generating sets are two 12-cylinder and two 16-cylinder Wärtsilä 38 engines for each ship. (photo courtesy of BVT)

      HMS Queen Elizabeth

    • MSC Poesia
      Delivered in 2008, the MSC Poesia, a cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises, is equipped with Wärtsilä V38 engines. She was built at the Aker Yards shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, and is a sister ship to the MSC Musica, the MSC Orchestra, and the MSC Magnifica.

      MSC Poesia

    • Bitflower
      Delivered in 2003, the tanker Bitflower features a complete Wärtsilä machinery installation incorporating a Wärtsilä 6L38 main engine. Bitflower belongs to Tarbit Shipping AB, a Swedish shipping company that has been shipping asphalt, petroleum products and chemicals since 1962.


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