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DID YOU KNOW this about Wärtsilä?

What does the Wärtsilä logo mean?
The symbol is called the Wave. Its oval shape was developed to inspire a positive feeling anywhere in the world, and comes from our shared ocean heritage. The colours of the Wave represent the sea and energy.

What does the name Wärtsilä stand for?
Originally, the name came from Wärtsilä, a city in eastern Finland where the company was founded. Today, it stands for “The passionate and creative partner who gets things done".

How can the marine industry use energy more efficiently?
Wärtsilä is in the vanguard of companies offering innovative technologies that boost energy efficiency at sea. The key insight is that increased efficiency makes sense both environmentally and economically. Ever tighter environmental legislation can therefore deliver economic dividends.

How can the marine industry reduce its environmental impact?
By utilizing more efficient integrated ship propulsion systems, by supporting the use of fuels such as LNG and by building more efficient hull designs. Wärtsilä offers uniquely integrated solutions covering every aspect from stem to stern, from hull design to customized propellers.

How can the marine industry reduce operating costs?
Increased efficiency is not only a plus for the environment: it also benefits your bottom line. Efficient design reduces fuel consumption. As even the best of solutions become less efficient if poorly maintained, Wärtsilä also gives special attention to providing comprehensive lifecycle services.