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                                          Metro Project 2021

The goal of METRO (Maritime Environment-friendly TRanspOrt systems) project is the improvement of the environmental sustainability of tourist maritime transport in the North Adriatic, addressing some specific challenges of the area: more integrated, efficient and sustainable maritime connections between Italy and Croatia; reduction of traffic congestion caused by seasonal tourist flows; improvement in local stakeholders competitiveness.
The strong multidisciplinary approach applied in the project integrates the best technologies in the field of electrical shipboard power systems, a modern approach to the ship design, and the land infrastructure study. The Final Event will present the project and its main results, and will include interactive polls, constituting a place for exchanging information with the public in regards to sustainable maritime transport systems. 
The Event will take place Online via Zoom, on the 14th of December from 15.00 to 18.00
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15:00 - Welcome, opening of the event and institutional greetings
Andrea Vicenzutti, Project Manager Lead Partner, University of Trieste – DIA
Paolo Rotoni - Interreg V A Italy - Croatia 2014-2020, Joint Secretariat
Giorgio Sulligoi, Scientific Manager Lead Partner, University of Trieste – DIA

15:15 - METRO Project introduction
Andrea Vicenzutti, Project Manager Lead Partner, University of Trieste - DIA

15:30 – Sustainable propulsion systems with the use of actual vessel data
Lorenzo Brigati, Manager, System simulation, Integrated Systems and Solutions - Wartsila Marine Power

15:45 – Environment-friendly hybrid vessels for short-medium range routes
Mitja Koštomaj, Sales project leader, Tehnomont Shipyard
Obrad Kuzmanović, Senior Designer, Flow Ship Design

16:00 – Interactive polls I

16:15 – Hybrid Vessels Study: FEM, CFD and Seakeeping Analyses
Roko Dejhalla, Head of Naval Arch. & Marine Eng. Dept., University of Rijeka – Faculty of Engineering

16:30 – Break

16:45 – Challenges in the implementation of hybrid-electric ferry charging stations
Aleksandar Cuculić, PhD, University of Rijeka - Faculty of Maritime Studies

17:00 – Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in Trieste and Monfalcone ports
Stefano Bevilacqua, Project Officer, Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone,

17:15 – Pilot activity in Region of Istria & action plan for establishment of new touristic routes based on green tech. vessels
Andi Kalčić, Associate for EU funds, IDA

17:30 – Interactive polls II

17:45 – Final panel with the speakers

18:00 – End of the Event