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Organizational Model

With reference to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231 / 8 June 2001and subsequent amendments and integrations, the Board of Directors of Wärtsilä Italia S.p.A. approved its “Organizational, Management and Control Model", that includes also the "Code of Ethics" as an integral part . This Code defines the set of values of business ethics that the Company recognizes and accepts, and the observance of which allows, among other things, to prevent the eventual commission of crimes listed by the Decree.

It is a primary interest of Wärtsilä Italia S.p.A. that all parties in a business relationships with the Company conduct their business in compliance with the principles and values contained in the "Code of Ethics".

The "General Part" of the Model , as well as its "Disciplinary System " and its "Code of Ethics" are available at the following links.

Organisational, Management and Control Model

Email of the Supervisory Board: odv_wit@wartsila.com