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Leading the global energy transition

 Wärtsilä's energy business is leading the transition to a 100% renewable energy future. We assist our customers in decarbonization by developing market-leading technologies. This includes future-fueled balancing power generation, hybrid solutions, energy storage and optimization technologies, including the GEMS energy management platform. Wärtsilä Energy's service lifecycle is designed to increase efficiency, increase reliability and ensure operational performance. Our track record consists of 74 GW of power generation capacity and more than 80 energy storage systems shipped to 180 countries around the world.

Rethink Energy

Rethinking Energy Webcast Series

The power sector will face dramatic changes in the next decade. These challenges will be discussed in our newly launched webcast series Rethink Energy: Navigating change in the power sector. In these webcast episodes, we will be talking to industry experts to get their perspectives on topics such as Rethinking Power Grids, Power Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Transition, and Systems Planning.


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