Power Plants

Efficient, flexible and sustainable power generation

We are the 4th-largest supplier of gas and liquid fired power plants in the world with a total installed capacity of 53 GW. From natural gas to liquid biofuels, from baseload to peak load, from 2 MW to 600 MW and above, our power plants are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

We also help our customers in transitioning to more sustainable energy infrastructures by providing fast and dynamic capacity to complement intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

Aliaga gas power plant
Aliaga gas power plant in Turkey

Flexible power plant services

Our services cover everything from basic equipment delivery to comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions, and from spare parts supply to full operation and maintenance agreements. Our customers can pick and choose the specific services they need.

We also deliver everywhere in the world, from metropolitan areas to the most remote locations, from London to Siberia.

Key features of our power plants

  • High energy efficiency. Our power plants provide the highest simple cycle efficiency in the market. Our power plants also run efficiently on part load and in demanding ambient conditions.
  • Operational flexibility. Our power plants can be used across multiple profiles from baseload power generation to load following to peaking and emergency power. Our power plants are designed for fast and repeated startup and shutdown without any maintenance impact.
  • Fuel flexibility. Depending on the solution, our power plants can run on a wide variety of liquid or gaseous fuels. Our multi-fuel power plants can use both, enabling our customers to always choose the most feasible fuel available.
  • Maximum integration of intermittent energy. The dynamic capacity of our power plants can be used to offset the fluctuating output of intermittent energy sources. This in turn enables the construction of more sustainable power systems with a maximum integration of renewable energy.