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Intelligent navigation, automation, and integrated vessel control systems—

our unparalleled technology, exclusive features and bespoke solutions are designed to meet every unique yacht need, from smaller sailing crafts, super‑intelligent ships to some of the world’s largest luxury and explorer vessels.

Our portfolio combines bridge solutions, automated voyage planning, next-gen sensor technology and advanced dynamic positioning systems. These solutions are designed to achieve outstanding levels of safety, reliability, efficiency, and environmental compliance, giving mega and superyachts uncompromised freedom to explore the oceans and follow every adventure.


One partner for all navigation and automation needs

One partner for all navigation and automation needs

With an unmatched portfolio and product range, Wärtsilä Voyage supports the needs of both the yard and the owner. Our unique position as a single-source technology provider comes with a host of benefits:

  • Single point of contact for simpler procurements.
  • Co-engineered solutions with the shipyard.
  • Reduced risk of incompatibilities and interface miss-matches.
  • Faster decision-making with fewer coordination.
  • On-site support during installation and commissioning.

Bespoke solutions for uncompromised safety, efficiency and elegance

Cost-effective solution. The integrated suite covers all areas within ship automation, propulsion, navigation, power management, dynamic positioning and general alarm and control into one cost-effective system.

Tailored to specific needs. The system has been developed using a modular design approach and thus are fully customisable with lean console designs and full glass display options.

Simple installation. The system uses a common platform to perform the overwhelming majority of tasks for any particular installation – meaning, minimal hardware that requires minimal cabling. Plus, a common integrated software configuration tool means that the entire installation – across application areas – can be easily managed consistently.

Human-centric design. The solutions’ human-machine interface (HMI) has been designed as per the ideals of the ISO standard for ‘Human-Centred Design’, to provide optimal interaction quality and intuitive, easy, and smooth workflows.

Common tools and components. The system uses many standard components, all of which are shared across the application areas, be it navigation or automation. Apart from ease of use, this significantly reduces the spare-part count and servicing and maintenance costs.

Spare parts availability. Lifecycle support is available via strategically located global service points along with a ship-to-shore data link, remote monitoring, and remote maintenance solutions.

Easy future upgrades. The modular design allows flexible upgrades to cater to specific customer requirements whenever wished. Also, having a standard configuration for all applications enables easy service interventions, at any location, throughout the lifecycle of the ship, with continued system integrity and reliability and without having to worry about quality issues.

Full regulatory compliance. All systems are as per relevant international rules and with the regulations of all major classification societies, including DNV GL, ABS and Lloyd’s Register.

Crew training. The Wärtsilä Customer Training Centre in Hamburg is specifically equipped for high-end yachts with state‑of‑the‑art simulation technology to provide the latest and highest quality training to your crew members.

Widest range of features and functions that no one else can offer

Integrated bridge systems.

Navigation, automation, dynamic positionin tra-compact hardware.

Auto-routing and voyage planning.

Execute the safest and most efficient route, utilising the latest navigational charts, built-in real-time weather optimisation and advanced fuel efficiency algorithms.

Next-gen sensors.

Radars, cameras, and other advanced sensor systems ensure the vessel can be navigated, controlled, and monitored safely in every environment.

Dynamic Positioning.

With a simple joystick, maintain heading and hold position no matter where you are sailing, shallow coastlines or deep seas.

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