Perfect positioning and heading in all weather and conditions.

Practical, well-engineered and cost-effective DP system offering precision, reliability, and confidence, whether you are chasing the sun, enjoying shallow harbours or on an adventure traversing the harshest routes and waters.

Beginning with the very first DP systems in the 1960s, our experience and expertise go into designing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art vessel control systems with proven fourth, fifth and sixth-generation systems still in operation.

Designed with extensive operator input, our solutions offer an intuitive interface, reducing training and transition times. Its unparalleled application flexibility for any vessel type provides owners with the most cost-effective solution available.

Complete and steady grip at all times to make the toughest manoeuvres with perfect precision.

  • A common hardware and software platform.
  • User-centred design (UCD) to deliver the best HMI design in the market.
  • Class-compliant simple joystick to fully integrated DP3 system references, including drilling vessels.
  • Application-specific operating modes for all vessel types.
  • Networked and highly scalable architecture.
  • Advanced remote diagnostics with available interfaces to multiple vessel systems
  • Integrates with all Wärtsilä Platinum products, including automation, navigation and conning, power management, and thruster control.

Since delivering the first Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum systems in 2010, more than 1000 systems are currently in global operation, with truly multi-functional workstations customised to match the exact needs of each vessel.

Global Service and Remote Maintenance.

Our special technicians are specifically trained to cater to superyachts and luxury vessels’ unique needs and environment. Round-the-clock service and maintenance are available globally through Wärtsilä’s worldwide network to provide technical support at short notice, on-site and even virtually via remote connection.

  • Present in strategic locations worldwide.
  • Minimal downtime. 
  • 24/7 remote technician support.

With you, wherever you sail

Lifecycle Support and management

We remain with you through all phases of the system’s lifecycle, providing continuous hardware and software support to keep your yacht operating at maximum efficiency and ensure you have the latest systems onboard always.

  • Auto software updates for safety.
  • Reliability for spare parts. 
  • Improved operational life with timely solutions.
  • Easy upgrades and extension solutions.