Given incoming decarbonisation regulation, the urgent need to realise tangible and rapid commercial efficiencies, and the global supply chain’s increasing focus on shipping when it comes to ESG, data-based decision making will play a crucial role in maritime’s future.

Although still at a somewhat early stage for parts of the sector, with the right support and software platforms, data-based decision-making will become the norm for efficient and compliant vessel operation.

The ability to make fast, informed decisions demands access to accurate, real time, actionable data. Without it, companies will stay stuck in reactive mode, at the mercy of market change rather than adapting to it. With data‑based decision-making, the industry can unlock competitive advantages and make itself more resilient: two things that shipping desperately needs in these extraordinary, rapidly evolving, and ceaselessly changing times.

  1. Compliance and futureproofing
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Timely decisions for optimum operations
  4. Ability to track iterative change
  5. Feedback loops support shipping’s data evolution
  6. Teamwork makes the data dream work
  7. Unlocking commercial upsides