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at Wärtsilä in South Africa



WZA Services is responsible for serving customers in various countries, providing services such as 4 stroke, 2 stroke, propulsion metallurgic repair and new cast of small propellers for the local fishing market. We also have an Electrical and Automation coupled with a Governor and fuel injection shop to carry out Woodward and Europa Governor repairs and overhaul. We have a Field Service team that can be deployed on offshore installations with HUET certification as well as sailing with vessels to carry out overhauls and repairs in transit.  

Engine Workshop

Our Engine workshop facility has a 10 ton lifting capability while our propulsion workshop has the lifting capability of 5 tons.

Our engine workshop can perform the following tasks:

  • Cylinder head overhaul including exhaust pocket machining and valve grinding
  • Oil pump overhaul
  • Lube oil cooler overhaul
  • Charge air cooler overhaul
  • Liner honing
  • Connecting rod bush replacement
  • Injector overhaul and testing
  • Woodward and Europa Governor overhauls
  • Fuel pump overhaul
  • HT/LT Water pump overhaul



  • Metallurgic repairs, welding (class certified)
  • Propeller casting for small fishing vessels
  • Propeller pitch changes
  • Propeller balancing
  • Propeller polishing to class 1

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