Join the Smart Marine revolution

@ International Workboat Show
December 4-6, 2019, New Orleans, Stand 702

International WorkBoat Show 2019

December 4-6, 2019, New Orleans, Stand 702

Join the Smart Marine Revolution!

Discover the ground-breaking technologies enabling a sustainable maritime future.

December arrived and it was time again for International WorkBoat Show - the annual top-notch maritime event in New Orleans.

Boasting all the features you would expect from a highly acclaimed event, the WorkBoat Show continues to see key global and domestic players converging for three days to interact, explore business opportunities, hear the latest insights and find new products and services to raise the bar in the commercial marine market. 
So, it goes without saying that we were there – showcasing our solutions for smart marine applications.

The workboat industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in response to the need for greater operating efficiencies and better environmental performance. By orchestrating these developments through the intelligent use of connectivity and digitalization, Wärtsilä aims to deliver value and optimisation to its customers.

We were at stand 702, where our experts were on hand to impart their deep knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Smart Marine and to discuss how we can meet your specific business needs.

WorkBoat awards Taíno and El Coquí as the 2019 Boat of the Year

Congratulations to our partners at Crowley Maritime Corp. and VT Halter Marine. The LNG powered combination container roll-on/roll-off (ConRo) ships received the top award in the 10 Significant Boats of 2019 campaign. The ships owned by Crowley Maritime Corp. were built by VT Halter Marine and designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design and Jensen Maritime. You may read more about this project here.

WorkBoat award

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Wärtsilä's programme

Wärtsilä Navi-Planner  - live demo of Smart Voyage Planning

With the new Wärtsilä Navi-Planner we will show live how voyage planning is made smart. Navi-Planner removes the clutter and obstacles in the voyage planning. It streamlines the process of planning and data management because all the navigational data is accessible with a single click of a button. Using one of the world’s largest navigational databases, a safe and efficient route is prepared by our smart technology and available for the Captain’s finalization onboard. See live how Navi-Planner can help you to increase safety and efficiency with optimized voyage planning.


dp live on workboat

Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum - live demo of dynamic positioning

The Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum user interface represents a leap forward in intuitive ship controls. Full touch operation and screen layout engages the user while ensuring safer and more efficient operation. Only necessary and required information is presented, preventing confusion during critical operations. A common interface design and multi-function displays for all Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum products ensure consistent operating principles across the bridge. Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum systems can be configured to meet any class, from simple joystick systems to fully redundant Class 3 systems. 

Wärtsilä SceneScan  - live demo of of a targetless laser sensor

The SceneScan System is a high accuracy rotating laser sensor to provide positional information to allow automated approach and/or station keeping relative to a structure or vessel. It is designed to be semi-portable and straightforward to operate. SceneScan provides tracking information relative to natural or man-made structures within the sensor field of view. It tracks by matching its current observation of the scene against a map generated from previous observations of the scene.

scenescan on workboat

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