Engine RT-flex Operation & Practical Advanced

14 - 18 September 2020
, Drunen
This Engine RT-flex Operation & Practical Advanced training is aimed for ship engineers and operators which need detailed information about RT-flex engines technologies for their daily work and operation. In this course will be additionally focused on the practical work. This course is valid for RT-flex Engines 48 – 96, includes X82 and 92 Engines. Required level of education: The trainees should have good knowledge about maintenance and operation of RT-Engines and understand technical documents. General objective of the course: The participants will learn the function of an electronic controlled 2-stroke engine. They get detailed knowledge about RT-flex engine components, hydraulic & pneumatic systems, WECS 9520 control system, flexView operator interface and cylinder lubrication. As well the Engine RT-flex Operation Advanced course contains simulator training and actual services aspects. Additionally, hands on experience of selected components.
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