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Turku Training Centre

WLSA Training Centre Turku is situated a short distance from the city centre of Turku, Finland and 20 minutes from Turku international airport.

The WLSA training centre offers product, operation and maintenance and management training to both marine and power plant customers and operators. This training is exclusively provided for Wärtsilä products, for example engines, auxiliary units, engine control simulators, monitoring systems, fuel systems, etc., for both diesel and gas operated installations. In addition, training is also facilitated by the use of complete engine room simulators including liquid and dual fuel engine types.

Available training methods: practical, classroom, blended learning, video interactive classroom, on-site and simulated environment. Contact for more info training.turku@wartsila.com.

Different Learning Tools Depending on the Objectives

The Wärtsilä Land & Sea Academy in Finland offers its participants:
  • Eight well appointed classrooms equipped with all modern teaching and training aids.
  • Engine components (cutaways, new and used components for hands-on training related to the assessment of the components' condition).
  • Hands-on training area with real size engines (W20, Auxpac 20, W32, W32GD, W32DF, W32CR, W34SG, W46, W46GD, W46CR, W46F, W46FCR, W50DF).
  • Use of interactive multimedia in theoretical training, bringing the training to a new level of teaching experience, with excellent opportunities for self-education.
  • The latest monitoring technology utilizing computer and microprocessor based software (CMB™, ELDOC™, MAMA™ and Business on-line systems).
  • Specialized equipment for Marine High Voltage (MAHIVO) training.
  • Complete engine room simulator for 4-stroke engine.
  • Heavy fuel oil training container for operation training of liquid fuel supply equipment with real hardware (booster units, separators, etc.).
  • Gas supply unit with operation simulator connected to gas engine and automation system.
  • Electrical workshop for instrumentation, control systems, automation systems and electrical training.
  • Complete gen set power simulator with real hardware and monitoring system.
  • Real OWS and SCR simulator.  

Turku Training Centre

  • Product Training
  • Engineering Training
  • Control, Automation and Electrification Training
  • Power Plant Training
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