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Hamburg Training Centre

All our instructors are IMO 6.09 certified which means that they successfully completed a training for teachers in the maritime field.

We have one classroom equipped with modern teaching and training appliances and a second one especially for simulations.

During the training sessions the practice of handling the electronic control system and the operator interface is taught via the simulator. The application of the simulator is very flexible and can be installed everywhere. Moreover, during hands-on trainings we use real components for a better functional understanding.

We offer on-site trainings on your vessels, instructing the crew under real circumstances for three up to five days. During the voyage, the focus will be on classroom training, in port, troubleshooting and practical items will be treated.

Flexibility and willingness to adjust training solutions to suit customers requirements are the cornerstones of our training services.

We focus on you as our customer, your issues, and your needs to match new emerging demands.

With this strategy, we guarantee that your investments in employee development translate into solid business and operational results. Contact for more info training.hamburg@wartsila.com

Hamburg Training Centre

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