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It is not just about upgrading ships. Greener shipping and the adoption of newer and smarter technologies pose a huge skilling challenge as no efficiency effort will work if people are not trained to handle the new systems and processes. Considering there are over 1.65 million seafarers on merchant ships alone, the cost implications of this effort could be massive. This is where simulation training, using new technologies like AR and VR, comes in. 

Our solutions make this switch smoother and cost-efficient by providing highly realistic learning environments and the convenience of any time, anywhere training and assessment.

Leveraging 25 years of industry experience, unparalleled mathematical models and the latest techniques like gamification, virtual and augmented recreations, we offer the most sophisticated immersive training solutions to prepare mariners for the real world that awaits them onboard and onshore. These simulation solutions also expedite innovation and research processes by acting as the perfect testbed for new concepts and products that then directly contribute to decarbonisation and commercialisation of the solutions.

Key benefits

  • A single platform for simulation and training using various modern maritime learning mediums – with common software to maximise commonality and efficiency. 
  • Scalable solutions for training and certification for all types of vessels. Can be delivered as Software as a service (SaaS). 
  • Twenty-five years of investment in developing the most advanced, flexible, and accurate mathematical models guarantees the highest degree of realism. 
  • Used in research and as a development application tool, and ever developing. 
  • Cloud simulation solutions allow on-demand, anytime and anywhere training. 
  • Smart realities for the most immersive learning experience. 
  • e-Tutor automates evaluation and assessment system. 
  • A wide range of training courses covering all vessel types and operations. 
  • Localisation made possible with multi-language support and user interfaces. 

Key features

  • Designed for different scales and needs – individual users, remote, virtual, or physical classrooms, part-task, full mission, multi-mission, and connected systems in varying geographical locations. 
  • Total ship concept connects the bridge with the engine room to allow training in the communications skills required in real-life scenarios.  
  • Multi-level connection between:  
    • Simulator types for integrated training applications.
    • Simulators from various manufacturers using standard industry formats.  
    • Users to simulators via online, cloud, and other remote services. 
  • Compliant with all international training regulations and guidelines. 
Maritime Simulators
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Our Solutions

Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation

Taking training to the next level, our award-winning cloud simulation solution helps maritime schools and centres deliver a high-standard classroom learning experience remotely — on-demand, anytime, anywhere and without additional hardware.

Wärtsilä Navigational Simulators

Our market-leading navigational simulators are designed for the rapidly changing, digitised maritime industry and the next-gen seafarers, available for traditional classroom-based full-mission setups to cloud-based blended learning models – all on a single software platform.

Wärtsilä Smart Realities

Going beyond the standard joypad controls and monitors, Wärtsilä Smart Realities combines sophisticated modelling with virtual and augmented reality to place trainees on a life-like virtual bridge or engine room — an exciting learning experience that appeals to next-gen seafarers.

Wärtsilä Technological Simulator

Whether standard or type-specific training, our technological simulators allow trainees to quickly grasp both the fundamentals and the advanced aspects of Engine Room and Liquid Cargo Handling training for a wide range of ships, covering and exceeding all STCW requirements.

Wärtsilä Simulation Development Tools

Packed with a 3D database editing tool, Model Wizard, and a Virtual Shipyard, Wärtsilä NTPRO simulators integrate simulation of the ship-channel hydrodynamic effects and operational procedures not only for maritime training but also for R&D applications.
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