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Wärtsilä Search & Rescue Operations Simulator

Search, Rescue and save Lifes: Discover Wärtsilä Search and Rescue Operations Simulator and be prepared for every “if”.


Wärtsilä Search and Rescue Operations Simulator helps prepare for scenarios you hopefully don’t have to experience too often: Efficient Search & Rescue Missions. When every second count, you need to be prepared and know exactly what to do. Fully compliant with the IAMSAR manual, our Search and Rescue simulator enables you to train in safe yet highly realistic scenarios on a variety of rescue boats, helicopters and facilities for search and rescue at sea. It combines real-life situations and environments with effective communication modelling and even allows for training and coordination of search and rescue operations in the most adverse weather conditions. With synchronous recordings and playbacks of events and the use of equipment and exchange on the air, our Simulator provides an effective and immersive learning experience — and can help operate safely and efficiently.

Training includes

  • Use of rescue boats 
  • Helicopter operations
  • Use of facilities for search and rescue at sea 
  • Coordination of search and rescue operations in the most adverse weather conditions

Key Features

  • IAMSAR Manual Compliance
  • Full scope of training available
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