Wärtsilä Smart Support Centre

Remote maintenance, updates and troubleshooting for Wärtsilä Voyage products and solutions

Reduce costs with faster support

Minimise loss from downtime

Get online system inspection, receive immediate notifications if any issue occurs and priority support to solve the case.


No need for costly on‑site visits

Smart Support remotely manages the health of your systems without unnecessary travels and related costs.


Save time with quick solutions

No excessive email communication and waiting in a line. Get access to the prioritised support and increase efficiency of your operations.


How it works How it works

Wärtsilä Smart Support Centre

Remote troubleshooting, issues and emergencies notifications, software and licenses updates for all Wärtsilä Voyage products and solutions. No need for physical service attendance: virtual engineers assist your operations.

Navigational Equipment and Charts

Simulation and Training Solutions

Ship Traffic Control Solutions

Stay informed, maintained and safe

Priority support

Priority support

Take advantage of prioritised support infrastructure to serve your operations, accelerated by system intelligence.

Access to online customer support Portal

Access to online customer support Portal

Get online technical and operational support service via support portal.

Access to software updates (patches, bug-fixes)

Access to software updates (patches, bug-fixes)

Be always aware of the latest software updates and get them from anywhere anytime.

Access to knowledge base & FAQs

Access to knowledge base & FAQs

All the most important questions and answers along with illustrative cases and helpful knowledge are always at your service.

Improved uptime of your critical equipment

Improved uptime of your critical equipment

Access our Virtual Service Engineer, analyse and solve issues, install software updates, licenses and hot fixes and chat with the crew. It is as if the service engineer is next to you.

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs

The Virtual Service Engineer avoids unnecessary visits and related costs.

Customers’ feedback

Hans Elker Hansen

Firstly, the crew is aware that 95% of all errors can be fixed remotely, and they don’t need a service engineer in next port to solve issue. This is giving the crew the satisfaction to have equipment up and running at all times. Secondly, the number of e-mails to solve a technical or user-related problem goes down from 100 to 5, avoiding excessive communication

Hans Elker Hansen, Marine QA, Vetting & Nautical Manager, J. Lauritzen A/S


Navigational Equipment and Charts / Annual Support Agreement (ASA)

For which vessel(s) is the Smart Support valuable?

Any vessel having a Transas solution on board (Navi‐Sailor ECDIS, Navi‐Radar) from Wärtsilä Voyage subscribing to ASA takes advantage of the five key advantages described above.

We are subscribed to Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution (FOS), do we need to sign up for ASA?

No, by default our FOS customers already enjoy the priority services and do not pay for ASA.

What is the sign up procedure?

Very easy. Contracting (part of) the fleet is through a single ASA. Signing‐up and ‐off vessels can be done at any given time without start/stop/penalty/admin fees. Pls contact our 24/7 Customer Support team or your local Wärtsilä Account Manager.

Is it required to connect my ECDIS for ASA?

Connecting ECDIS has many advantages, specifically when delivering nautical information, remote support and cyber security reasons. However, if you do not wish to connect the ECDIS, signing up for ASA still makes sense. All services will be available except the remote troubleshooting. We support the crew with priority service using voice, email and service attendance when required.

Simulation and Training

My simulators are currently under a Transerv agreement or warranty. How do I go about adding the Connect or other Smart Support services to my coverage?

No problem! Just contact your local Wärtsilä Account Manager, and we will reach out to you immediately to discuss the various options available for your specific system.

How often will my simulator software be upgraded?

If you are part of the software upgrade services, you will be entitled to receive all major and minor software upgrades for all covered licensed modules in your simulator complex, as and when it fits with your operational schedule. Typically, minor upgrades happen each year, and major version upgrades approximately every two years.

How do members of our simulation team access the support Portal?

It’s easy! Once you sign up, we will register a main point of contact for your organization, who can then also add as many members as you wish. Each has a secure login and password and can access the portal from any device with internet access, PC’s, tablets, or mobile devices.

We are interested in Connected services – what is the sign up procedure?

This is also easy! Just contact your local Wärtsilä Account Manager and he will provide you with a proposal and simple agreement. Once it’s signed up, you will then be contacted by one of our local Project team to set you up and you will very quickly be able to enjoy the many benefits and values of Smart Support!

Ship Traffic Control

For which solution can Smart Support be used?

Smart Support covers all systems that use our Navi-Harbour and Navi-Monitor family of solutions.

I already have a Support & Maintenance Contract with Wärtsilä so can I still access the Customer Support Portal?

Yes, please register and tick the box to show you have an existing Support & Maintenance contract.

What is the duration of the agreement and can I cancel?

The standard Smart Support agreement is 12 months, but this can be cancelled by either party by giving 3-month notice in writing.

How many User Accounts can I have for the Customer Support Portal?

When you register, you will be sent one primary “Administrator Log-In Account”. The Administrator can create multiple “User Log-In Accounts”, for example separate accounts for VTS Supervisor, Operators, local technicians, etc.

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