Port Call Optimisation

Just in time solution by Wärtsilä - Navi-Port

Connect ships to ports and enable Just-in-time arrivals. Now with Wärtsilä Navi-Port.


Wärtsilä Navi-Port is the first commercially available digital platform that connects a ship’s navigation system to the port and enables Just-in-time arrivals. Navi-Port facilitates accurate arrival times between ports and ships, enabling vessels to adjust speed to achieve just-in-time arrival automatically. Dynamic, real-time data sharing improves coordination allowing for modifications to course and speed should conditions at port change during a voyage. For ports, Navi-Port enables a better and more efficient port and terminal operations planning while also reducing congestion and the risk of collisions.  

Key benefits

  • Reduce the required speed to a comfortable and necessary level, save fuel and reduce CO2 emission. 
  • Higher fuel efficiency of cargo transportation leads to lower freight costs. 
  • Priority service in port's operations.
  • Reduce maintenance operations. 

Key features

  • Increase safety with better coordination of vessel traffic and removal of traffic congestions. 
  • Reduce local area CO2 emissions and noise pollution with decreased anchorage time.
  • Get full transparency on the ships arriving at the port and related ETA updates. 
  • Get a capability to communicate to ships adjusting recommendations on the requested time of arrival (RTA). 
  • Know in advance when the ship is coming to ensure all port services are ready to accept the ship, therefore, optimising needed resources. 
Why Navi-Port

Save time, effort, and fuel with one software update.


Currently, there are more than 4 million port calls made each year. And about half of them are non-linear and have to be coordinated manually. That is not only a mamoth management task, delays due to these processes make up around 15% of the entire shipping's fuel consumption — a massive loss of time, efforts, money and fuel — which can be easily saved with just one software update: Navi-Port.

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