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Technology to explore every spectacular adventure

Intelligent navigation, automation, and integrated vessel control systems — our unparalleled technology, exclusive features and bespoke solutions are designed to meet every unique yacht need, from smaller sailing crafts, super-intelligent ships to some of the world’s largest luxury and explorer vessels.

Wärtsilä Voyage brings you solutions that achieve outstanding levels of safety, reliability, efficiency, and environmental compliance to give you uncompromised freedom to explore the oceans and follow your every adventure.

One partner for all navigation and automation needs

With deep in-house expertise, market-leading technology and marine industry experience, Wärtsilä Voyage’s unmatched portfolio supports the needs of both the yard and the owner. Our unique position as a single-source technology provider comes with a host of benefits:

  • Single point of contact for simpler procurements.
  • Co-engineered solutions with the shipyard.
  • Reduced risk of incompatibilities and interface miss-matches.
  • Faster decision-making with fewer coordination.
  • On-site support during installation and commissioning.
Bespoke solutions for uncompromised safety, efficiency and elegance.
Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Cost-effective solution

Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Tailored to specific needs

Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Simple installation

Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Easy future upgrades

Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Spare parts availability

Bridge Mobile / Tablet application

Full regulatory compliance

Widest range of features and functions that no one else can offer.

Integrated bridge system


Using BRIDGEPILOT technology, we combine all main bridge functions — navigation, automation, dynamic positioning, as well as power and propulsion systems — into a single, integrated and ultracompact hardware, creating more space for comfort and leisure onboard.

Workstations where form meets function:

  • Fully customisable and lean console designs with full glass display options.
  • User-centric interfaces for intuitive and smooth workflows.
  • One screen for ECDIS, Radars, Autopilot and Track Control, Conning and Docking display and VDR.
  • Latest security systems such as onboard intruder alerts, thermal imaging cameras, fast track radars, diver detection and more.
  • Alarm, monitoring, Propulsion Control System, HVAC and cargo monitoring and control add robustness and reliability throughout the entire system.
  • Direct ship-to-shore data link, remote monitoring, and remote maintenance solutions.

Automatic voyage and route planning


Wärtsilä FOS provides the latest charts and weather conditions to show the safest and most fuel-efficient way, while Wärtsilä Platinum Nav automatically executes the journey.

Next-gen sensors technology


State-of-art marine sensors ensure that the vessel can be navigated, controlled, and monitored safely in every environment.

Advanced dynamic positioning


With a simple joystick, maintain heading and hold position no matter where you are sailing, shallow coastlines or deep seas.

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With you,
wherever you sail

Lifecycle Support and management


We remain with you through all phases of the system’s lifecycle, providing continuous hardware and software support to keep your yacht operating at maximum efficiency and ensure you have the latest systems onboard always.

Global Service and Remote Maintenance


Our special technicians are specifically trained to cater to superyachts and luxury vessels’ unique needs and environment. Round-the-clock service and maintenance are available globally through Wärtsilä’s worldwide network to provide technical support at short notice, on-site and even virtually via remote connection.

Crew training


Wärtsilä Customer Training Centre in Hamburg for high-end yachts. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art simulation technology to provide the highest quality training.

Technology crafted to bring your visions to life.

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