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Wärtsilä NACOS TRACKPILOT Platinum

Automated steering for safe, optimised vessel navigation and reduced crew workload.


As the traffic increases, ships get larger and the strive for sustainable and fuel-efficient operations grow, the need for safe and automated steering to optimise vessel performance and reduce crew workload has become greater than ever.

With TRACKPILOT, Wärtsilä Voyage combines decades of heading and track control experience with modern platform technologies and user-centric interfaces to provide navigators with a reliable co-pilot for the most demanding navigational situations.

The functionality comprises an interface to the vessel’s steering and propulsion system and a computer that runs the control algorithm. Both devices are connected to the Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum redundant ethernet backbone. This architecture allows operation of the TRACKPILOT from multiple operator stations, always conveniently within the reach of the navigator.

The optional SPEEDPILOT mode allows automatic execution of the optimal speed profiles scheduled for every voyage, resulting in reduced workload and in-time arrival capability, which further contributes to a safe and efficient voyage execution.

Key benefits

  • Fully integrated Track Control Solution.
  • Unique speed control mode.
  • Can be operated from multiple workstations and locations.
  • Option for redundant installation.
All features
Heading Mode

In this mode, the TRACKPILOT steers with a pre-set heading. Wind and current influences are not corrected.

Course Mode

In this mode, the TRACKPILOT steers with a pre-set course. Wind and current are considered and a drift correction angle will be calculated.

Track Mode

In this mode, the TRACKPILOT steers with a sequence of waypoints. Wind and current are considered and a drift correction angle will be calculated.


This mode offers additional automatic execution of the speed pattern of a pre-planned route. It allows constant speed or constant RPM operation. Or, with Speed Profile Mode it allows specific speeds per route segment. It also has an Arrival Time Mode, where speed is automatically adjusted to meet a set arrival time.


Full list of SPEEDPILOT sub-modes:

  • Set Lever Mode
  • Set RPM Mode
  • Set Speed Mode (SOG or STW)
  • Arrival Time Mode
  • Planned Speed Mode

Anchor Control Mode

This mode keeps the ship’s heading and within user defined limits during anchor operation by extending the TRACKPILOT interface to actuate the ship’s stern transversal thruster or an azimuth thruster.

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Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum
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