Wärtsilä Automation

Integrated and exceedingly user-friendly automation, monitoring and control systems available in a range of versions to suit every marine need.


The Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Automation series offers a unique automation platform based on decades of experience from delivering systems to merchant, cruise and special vessels. The systems have a multifunctional and user-friendly operator interface where process-related information is always readily at hand.

The systems are available in different versions, from a basic design with only a few workstations, ships where space is limited, to customised solutions that offer ultimate ship system integration. All our automation solutions seamlessly integrate ship systems into one common alarm and monitoring system and provide the highest degree of cybersecurity.

Key benefits

  • Extremely user friendly.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Online diagnostics for crew maintenance.
  • Seamless integration with other Wärtsilä products.
  • Scalable from small standalone systems to large integrated systems.

Key features

  • The Wärtsilä NACOS VALMATIC Platinum system is an information management system that includes a history database, analysing tools, process replay, reporting functions, diary, and more, readily available in an easy format for optimising operational performance. Distributed hardware combined with a modular architecture enables an exceedingly high degree of flexibility to ensure optimal installation solutions. Redundancy is the standard solution in system design and is built-in all Wärtsilä solutions enhancing reliability.
  • The Wärtsilä NACOS MCS Platinum, a series of monitoring and control systems, is dedicated to improving ship operations via increased safety and reliability. It builds upon decades of design and engineering expertise in the realms of ship alarm and control systems. The result is the safest and most reliable alarm and control system available, with the highest levels of user-friendliness benefiting experienced as well as new crew members alike.
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Wärtsilä NACOS VALMATIC Platinum
Wärtsilä NACOS MCS Platinum
SmartPredict - Manoeuvring Guidance for Safer Operations
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