Wärtsilä HY TUG propulsion system

11 Nov 2018
23 pages
Rune Waage
Roald Myhre
Joost van Eijnatten
Corinna Nones
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Wärtsilä HY TUG propulsion system

With regulatory compliance becoming more and more of a global issue, Wärtsilä is launching new propulsion systems for tugs emphasising environmental sustainability. The systems have been developed utilising the company’s strong competences in hybrid propulsion technology. Since tugs typically operate in or close to harbours, they are particularly affected by environmental considerations, and the need to reduce emissions is an increasing concern for tug owners and operators.

Wartsila HY TUG propulsion system


  1. Introduction
  2. Typical Operating Profile
  3. Alternative Concepts
  4. Comparison
  5. Hybrid Features
  6. Energy Management System (EMS)
  7. Safety
  8. System Responsibility
  9. Conclusion
  10. Benefits
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