The future of fleet operations is here

06 Nov 2019
22 pages
Kay Dausendschoen
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How to future-proof fleet operations and stay competitive in the maritime industry?

A connected ECDIS as the foundation of easily deployable digital solutions

Vessel owners and managers are faced with a rising number of business challenges brought forward by the requirements of a dynamic maritime industry. These include improving safety and meeting strict environmental regulations, optimizing performance and maintaining profitability.

This white paper provides comprehensive information on how a connected ECDIS and a suite of interconnected digital modules allow your business to overcome these challenges. It gives an overview of these digital solutions alongside a robust explanation of the clear benefits they provide. These range from improved voyage planning and optimisation to enhanced decision-making and asset management.


Key takeaways

  • How to get started with digital initiatives
  • Options to overcome common investment blockers
  • How a connected ECDIS helps in meeting business goals
  • The best approach to satisfy concerns related to cyber safety and investment costs
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