White paper: Offshore Service Vessels - Optimising efficiency and performance

16 Feb 2020
4 pages
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By combining the advantages offered by Wärtsilä’s single-source supplier capabilities, the flexibility and benefits of its broad portfolio, and its range of solutions designed to achieve significant fuel savings and emission reductions, optimal performance of your vessel can be realised. Regardless of your operating profile or specific application requirements, our approach can help you to identify both available and future opportunities to streamline your business, whilst at the same time reducing your environmental footprint.

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  1. Market trends & drivers
  2. Who we serve?
  3. Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation
  4. Wärtsilä at the forefront of developing environmental solutions for OSV’s
  5. Why choose hybrid?
  6. A proven track record
  7. Voyage optimisation – uncovering the potential in your fleet, today
  8. Digitalisation – reshaping the maritime industry
  9. Design Engineering & Conversion Services
  10. Wärtsilä lifecycle efficiency & optimisation 
  11. Why Wärtsilä is your best service partner
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