Towards Digital Learning

45min+15min Q&A
17 Sep 2020

Transform your training to meet the new demands of digital learning


New opportunities for simulation & training providers
Wärtsilä Voyage has provided maritime training with a new and innovative Cloud Simulation solution. How will you use it to help you adapt to the 'new normal' and transform your training to meet the new demands of digital learning? Join a panel of Wärtsilä Voyage experts as they delve into the world of Cloud-based Simulation Training, revealing the new opportunities for training providers. Be sure to join us.

  • Discover how the latest release provides a solid solution for a range of STCW type online Instructor Led simulator courses
  • Be in the know - as new features shall be announced
  • Learn how quick and easy it is to setup and offer online training classes
  • Uncover how cloud-based solutions can take education to new heights
  • Class NK certification as a support mechanism for Flag approvals

We welcome you to be part of the community driving this technology forward

Our presenters

Neil Bennett

Sales Director Americas, Wärtsilä Voyage



Vittorio Esposito

Director Simulation Solutions – Technological Simulators Wärtsilä Voyage



Johan Ekvall

Head of Product, Wärtsilä Voyage



Sergey Tarasov

Simulation Solutions Manager – Technological Simulators Wärtsilä Voyage


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