Navi-Port: The perfect time for Just-in-Time

45min+15min Q&A
20 May 2021

Navi-Port facilitates accurate planning of port calls 7+ days ahead and helps to optimise scheduling and coordination of port services. Due to real-time-data exchange, Navi-Port helps the port to plan safer port-calls, even in heavy traffic areas, and sets new standards for modern digital data exchanges between ships and ports.



In today’s shipping industry, there are more than 4 million port calls each year. And about half of them are non-linear and have to be individually coordinated. That's not only a massive management task, these processes also take up around 15% of the entire marine fuel consumption – and we are here to save you time, efforts, money and fuel. With Navi-Port.

Watch our webinar and discover how our Just-In-Time Solution helps you to perfectly coordinate arrivals, optimize your port services loadings & cargo turnovers and sets the new benchmark for efficiency by enabling collaboration between ships and shore.

  • Be the first to learn about Navi-Port – the latest Just-in-Time solution from Wärtsilä Voyage
  • Discover how Navi-Port helps you to resolve port call issues
  • Get the exclusive chance to become the first Navi-Port user and get ahead of the competition

Our presenters

Dmitry Rostopshin

General Manager, Traffic Control & Management Solutions, Wärtsilä Voyage



Bruce Mills

Global Business Development Director, Wärtsilä Voyage



Sergei Plaksienko

Solution manager, Navi-Port, Wärtsilä Voyage


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