Keep your vessels fit – How to comply with the latest regulations by IMO MEPC 75

45min+15min Q&A
03 Feb 2021

Explore hardware and software retrofit options that will make your existing vessels compliant with the upcoming regulations.


Latest MEPC 75 decision is to accelerate the IMOs ambitions with regards to their Greenhouse Gas Strategy. The goal is to reduce carbon intensity by 40% within the next decade and by 50% in total up to 2050. Already in 2023 first short term measures will come into force.

MARPOL Annex VI will be extended by the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), the Carbon Intensity Indicator rating (CII) and enhanced Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).

While EEXI may require retrofits, CII and SEEMP will significantly impact vessels operation.

During our webinar we will outline a variety of retrofitting options that will make existing vessel compliant to EEXI. Having a clear view on current vessel performance will allow you to choose the most cost-effective measure to fulfill EEXI requirements.

We will demonstrate also how Wärtsilä FOS systems can create transparency on the connection of operations and emissions and provide you with the data you need to come up with the right decision for your vessel’s improvement.

In todays fragmented commercial and contractual setup, where operator gives speed orders and technical managers and owners are responsible for vessels’ compliance with the CII and SEEMP regulations, this is a challenge. At this webinar you will see how increased transparency, application of modern IT infrastructure and advanced weather routing solutions will lead to improved collaboration and help to lift up the emissions saving potential.

  • Be in the know of the new amendments to the MARPOL convention and the consequences for ship operators, ship managers and ship owners.
  • Get more information about Wärtsilä product solutions that help to lower the level of exhaust gas emissions whilst heightening the engine’s sustainability factor to fit to the new regulations
  • Know how Wärtsilä FOS helps being compliant with the new requirements coming into force
  • Learn how to apply the up-to-date solutions onboard of your fleet to match the new requirements

Our presenters

Daniel Schmöde

Head of Solution Advisory, FOS, Wärtsilä Voyage



Carlos Losada

Solutions Manager, Wärtsilä Voyage



Alberto Pasini

Business Development Manager, Project Services, Marine Power


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