Webinar / 13 OCT 2021
50min+10min Q&A

Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation via the Ocean Learning Platform – Supporting Maritime Training’s Blended Future

A cost-effective, risk-free, and easily deployable simulation training tool available whenever you demand, wherever you demand — sounds like a...

Webinar / 17 JAN 2022

Route to Digital Learning Success - 2022 and Beyond

Building resilient maritime education in 2022 and supporting industry’s blended-learning journey....

Webinar / 14 JUL 2020
45min+15min Q&A

Improving the level of training for operators of LNG Systems

How to promote greater safety onboard LNG fuelled vessels...

Webinar / 17 JUN 2021
45min+15min Q&A

Integrated Route Planning: Click – Try – Join

Discover the upgraded Navi-Planner and enjoy perfect route planning with the push of a button ...

Webinar / 20 MAY 2021
45min+15min Q&A

Navi-Port: The perfect time for Just-in-Time

Introducing Navi-Port: Next Level Efficiency from Wärtsilä Voyage...

Webinar / 3 FEB 2021
45min+15min Q&A

Keep your vessels fit – How to comply with the latest regulations by IMO MEPC 75

This webinar explores hardware and software retrofit options to make your existing vessels compliant with the new IMO regulations...

Webinar / 16 SEP 2020
45min+15min Q&A

Towards Digital Learning

Transform your training to meet the new demands of digital learning...

Webinar / 9 DEC 2020
50min + 10min Q&A

Wärtsilä’s SMART Ports Vision 2021 and beyond


Webinar / 4 NOV 2020
45min+15min Q&A

Virtual Fuel Flow Meter – Better fleet performance with ZERO hardware investments

Learn how artificial intelligence can boost your operations efficiency...

Webinar / 23 SEP 2019
25min + 5min Q&A

Connected ECDIS

How to Turn Your ECDIS Into Data-handling And Decision-support Tool?...

Webinar / 7 NOV 2019

Digital Port Technology

How to improve the safety and efficiency of Ship Traffic Control Operations? This webinar addresses all the essential knowledge about building and...

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