Podcast / 24 JAN 2023
28 min listen

Why should we invest in the blue economy?

The oceans are the world’s largest carbon sink and our biggest hope in the fight against climate change. But pollution, emissions, acidification of...

Podcast / 13 DEC 2022
34 min listen

Beyond Business in 2022

2022 has been a mixed year with the world facing several new crises. At Wärtsilä, it was also a time when we went beyond business and strengthened...

Podcast / 15 NOV 2022
25 min listen

How can purpose reduce stress at work?

The world loses an estimated 12 billion workdays annually due to depression and anxiety. And its not getting better considering that stress levels...

Podcast / 13 SEP 2022
24 min listen

Is there a way out of the global debt crisis?

The writing is on the wall. The world faces the threat of a global debt crisis. According to the World Bank recession will be hard to avoid for...

Podcast / 16 AUG 2022
24 min listen

Why the circular economy is a golden opportunity

Scientists estimate that by 2050, we will need the resources of almost three planets to sustain our current lifestyle. It is time to move away from...

Podcast / 7 JUN 2022
24 min listen

What is human capital and why does it matter?

Human capital, or the value of skills, knowledge, and experience of a person, is critical to realise one's true potential. But the world is lacking...

Podcast / 3 MAY 2022
25 min listen

Building trust with corporate-NGO partnerships

Corporations and NGOs have had a turbulent relationship with each other for years. Sini Harkki, Programme Director, Greenpeace Nordic says it is...

Podcast / 5 APR 2022
26 min listen

The future of work

Automation, the pandemic and the great resignation wave – or the ‘big quit’ – have changed the fundamentals of how and why we work....

Podcast / 8 MAR 2022
26 min listen

How can AI help build equitable societies?

Artificial Intelligence and algorithms have transformed business efficiency but there’s a dark side to them as well....

Podcast / 8 FEB 2022
19 min listen

The A to Z of emission-free shipping

Can shipping ever be carbon-neutral? 3 years ago, Wärtsilä, Aker Solutions, DFDS, Equinor and Grieg Star embarked on a journey to make that...

Podcast / 4 JAN 2022
20 min listen

What does shareholder activism have to do with sustainability?

Investors around the world are driving businesses to be more responsible about environment, social and governance (ESG) factors. Why are investors...

Podcast / 21 DEC 2021
17 min listen

Beyond Business in 2021

2021 was a year of many firsts for Wärtsilä. We broke new barriers in innovation, pushed our commitment to sustainability many notches higher and...

Podcast / 7 DEC 2021
23 min listen

How is climate change linked to mental health?

Eco-anxiety is a term used to describe the chronic fear of environmental doom. Research shows that the majority of the X and Y generation around...

Podcast / 23 NOV 2021
15 min listen

In Conversation with Håkan Agnevall about decarbonisation

COP26 has told us why countries, businesses and individuals need to keep the target of 1.5 degrees alive. What can leaders, businesses and...

Podcast / 9 NOV 2021
27 min listen

How do we ensure education access to all?

Lack of access to proper education is clearly a major challenge for humanity with an estimated 260 million children and youth globally unable to...

Podcast / 12 OCT 2021
16 min listen

In Conversation with Petteri Taalas

At Wärtsilä, we strive to look beyond business and focus on using our expertise, technology and solutions to create lasting change. And one...

Podcast / 27 SEP 2021
18 min listen

In conversation about Mercy Ships

At Wärtsilä, we pride ourselves on going beyond the ordinary, helping support innovations and movements that help facilitate real change. Such is...

Podcast / 15 SEP 2021
23 min listen

In conversation about the Dubai World Expo

The much-anticipated Dubai World Expo is right around the corner. Bringing together countries, businesses, and organisations from across the globe,...

Podcast / 30 JUN 2021
26 min listen

In Conversation on the Poseidon Principles

With the creation of the Poseidon Principles, the banking sector is taking the lead on driving decarbonisation and the green revolution in the...

Podcast / 26 MAY 2021
31 min listen

In Conversation on the future of GDP

GDP, or gross domestic product, is the most commonly recognised metric for measuring economic development of countries, but is it the best way?...

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