The future of Smart Autonomy

17 Nov 2021
Iain Huntly-Playle
Hendrik Bußhoff
Hussain Quraishi

When it comes to autonomous shipping, grandiose visions of 100 % unmanned vessels sailing the world’s oceans and ports are often painted.

A reality, there are still many obstacles to overcome if we’re to reach such a vision. The main barrier is the lack of compelling business cases, along with the lack of an agreed regulatory framework to govern autonomous operations and uncertainty over whether fully unmanned vessels are even desirable. Indeed, a common misconception is to equate “autonomous” with “unmanned”.

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Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä smart sensors

When precise manoeuvres are required in a marine environment, it is not enough to rely on GNSS alone. Alternative, ultra-reliable positioning technologies are available. Wärtsilä Smart Sensor portfolio brings together technologies that assist the crew with the full situational awareness needed for all navigational situations. Based on laser, radar and camera technology can provide both local position information (where the vessel is relative to its surroundings) and situational awareness (what is around the close vicinity of the vessel).  

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite brings together tools using automated capabilities to assist the crew with challenging manoeuvres such as harbour entering, docking, or quay-to-quay transit. Advanced motion prediction provides the operator with a complete overview and total control over each vessel’s movement enhancing situational awareness and improving the safety of operations.  

Integrated Vessel Control

The Wärtsilä IntelliTug Project

By combining Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine capabilities with PSA Marine’s wealth of experience and expert knowledge, we’re bringing to life a combination of world-leading technologies, all integrated in a light-weight, human-centric smart navigation system.

Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum

The Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum system represents a unique combination of control systems for navigation, automation and dynamic positioning, as well as power and propulsion.

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