7 benefits of data-driven decision making in maritime

19 Jun 2022
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Wärtsilä Voyage

The bridge from data to value

Wärtsilä Voyage´s Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS) is a holistic data analysis, voyage planning and fleet performance management package that can help ship owners, managers and operators run their fleets and vessels with optimal safety, efficiency and sustainability.

In a maritime sector reliant on digital systems, FOS makes sense of a sea of data providing a single touchpoint for turning navigational, operational and external data into actionable insights. Integrating multiple sources both on- and off-vessel, FOS analyses data to deliver intuitive results tailored to specific functions – including fleet monitoring, voyage optimisation, vessel performance, fuel and emissions tracking and simplified regulatory compliance.

7 benefits of data‑driven decision making in maritime


Wärtsilä Voyage


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