Unclogging the oceans, ports and global supply chain

11 May 2022
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Wärtsilä Voyage

Ocean trade is facing major blockages as container ships are stuck in massive traffic jams outside congested ports all around the world – all this screams for faster adoption of Just-in-Time solutions and smarter intra-port cargo movement – key to decongesting ports and cutting emission. The solutions can be simple ship-to-shore connections and e-vessels for better inland cargo flow.

Here's a roadmap on how digital solutions can help Decongest and Decarbonize the Oceans, Ports and the Global Logistic Chain.


Wärtsilä Voyage


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Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation

Enable remote simulation training to expand your business and deliver your service anytime and anywhere with Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation developed by Wärtsilä Voyage

Port Call Optimisation

Wärtsilä Navi-Port

Wärtsilä Navi-Port is the first commercially available digital platform that connects a ship’s navigation system to the port and enables Just-in-time arrivals. Navi-Port facilitates the exchange of accurate arrival times between ports and ships, enabling vessels to automatically adjust speed to achieve just-in-time arrival. Dynamic, real-time data sharing improves coordination allowing for modifications to course and speed should conditions at port change during a voyage.

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä SmartMove

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite brings together tools using automated capabilities to assist the crew with challenging manoeuvres such as harbour entering, docking, or quay-to-quay transit. Advanced motion prediction provides the operator with a complete overview and total control over each vessel’s movement enhancing situational awareness and improving the safety of operations.  

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