Automated safe route planning and fuel efficiency for every voyage you take.

Automatically improve the performance, safety, and sustainability factor of your every journey by digitally connecting your yacht to the cloud. Wärtsilä FOS (Fleet Operations Solution) is a simple software solution that connects your ECDIS and combines cloud-based analytics, together with intelligent automation to monitor, manage and optimise every movement on your entire route for a safer, more fuel-efficient yachting experience, while reducing environmental impact, no matter where you are sailing in the world.


Make the most of every voyage you take with Wärtsilä FOS.

  • With automated weather-optimised routing, reduce voyage planning time to minutes.
  • Execute the safest and most fuel-efficient route, utilising the latest navigational charts, built-in weather optimisation and advanced fuel efficiency algorithms.
  • Receive alerts to respond to unusual ship behaviour or anomalies quickly.
  • No more cueing for berths; share ETA information with connected ports for just in time arrivals.

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