Will COVID-19 speed up digitalisation in shipping?

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22 Jul 2020
Wärtsilä Voyage

Since coronavirus outbreak, digital technology is being used as a critical tool in maintaining business continuity. The growth of digitalisation used to be restrained because of low awareness regarding use of digital transformation and stigma against using IOT and Cloud services. Now the world is changing. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the uptake of digital solutions. Tools, and services speeding up the global transition towards a digital economy.

According to Microsoft, the numbers using its software for online collaboration climbed nearly 40% in a week (reported March 23, 2020). 
Digitalisation is destined to catch up in marine sector.  
With businesses around the world being forced to implement remote work routines, digitalisation and its benefits are becoming more and more apparent. Shipping could be no exception, states Intermodal.

How the marine sector will be different after COVID-19? 
In this new normal, the maritime sector will have to gear up to different ways of doing business and further pare costs. As fleets become leaner, remote maintenance may become the new norm, as a part of effective business continuity planning strategy. 
The fear for infection may increasingly limit travel, people will stay home. With Wärtsilä Remote training, seafarers can continue learning while at home. Wärtsilä is launching NTPro and ERS cloud simulation right now, and GMDSS (TGS) 5000 cloud simulation is on the list. 

What is the solution?
Securing yourself is the first and most important step to stay in business. Wärtsilä Translink provides a cyber secure gateway for navigation systems to the outside world, e.g. for connecting ports. 

How to get started with digital transition in shipping? Connect your ECDIS.  

Once the virus is contained, we may see a surge of cargo. Port terminals, authorities, shipping companies and supply chain should be ready to handle it. Collaborative environment is the key. 
Wärtsilä latest webinar will help by offering insights on how to use just-in-time arrivals for your benefits.   

COVID speed up digitalisation

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