Wärtsilä STM and AIM will predict vessels behavior in Bulgarian ports

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28 Jul 2020
Wärtsilä Voyage
Wärtsilä Sea Traffic Management (STM) and Advanced Intelligent Maneuvering (AIM) modules will predict vessels behavior and improve navigational safety in Bulgarian ports.

Recently Wärtsilä launched first in the Black Sea region STM shore centre in Varna, Bulgaria, implementing Navi-Port solution. The AIM/STM centre was delivered in December 2019, following the order placed in the third quarter 2019 by the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.).

The collision avoidance system AIM, based on the machine learning methods, and STM Ship-to-shore data connectivity, enhance navigational safety and increase competitiveness of the Bulgarian ports.

World’s first VTS active decision support system

Wärtsilä launches first-ever navigational active decision support system in VTS. How does it work? It’s implementing Track predictor data. The Track predictor service collects, analyses data and forms predictions, based on vessels typical behavior in the area. AIM is using ship trajectory to track potential collision situation. Later the system suggests the solution.
It’s not only sending collision avoidance alerts, but also suggests the operator how to solve the problem.

What does it bring to the table?

Altogether, AIM module strengthens operator’s awareness of situation, reduces stress and minimizes the number of false alerts and human factor in a pre-alarm situation. The solution provides to Bulgarian VTMIS additional tools to reduce the environmental footprint.
By its definition, Sea Traffic Management connects and updates the maritime world in real time, with efficient information exchange.
The project is a practical implementation of the idea of sharing information and working in one collaborative environment.

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