Wärtsilä VTS to overcome two weeks deadlock in fogbound Peruvian port

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23 Jul 2020
Wärtsilä Voyage

The dense fog that enveloped port of Callao, one of the largest Pacific ports in South America, forced the suspension of pilot services and impacted shipping schedules.

For a long time, the continued closure of Callao port due to low visibility affected ship traffic flow and paralyzed commerce in this sea hub. The port shut down for up to 28 days during the high trade season led to delayed deliveries, vessel deadlock, economic losses for the port authorities and seafarers.

Callao port

Image caption: Fogbound Port of Callao, Peru. Credit: Grand voyage 2011

Safety is a constant concern in the port, this is why this year Dirección de Contrataciones del Material (DIRCOMAT) of the Peruvian Maritime Authority, turned to Wärtsilä for the solution.
The Wärtsilä VTS technology increases safety – it facilitates arrival, departure and docking of the vessels during the low season, when visibility is close to zero.

Callao Peru port fog

Image caption: Fog and mist at the Port of Callao, Peru

The VTS order was placed by DIRCOMAT in November-December 2019.

Wärtsilä VTS includes:
3 advanced Radar IALA
3 Navi Harbour units with database services and redundant servers
4 Pilot Personal Units with ultra-high precision
6 Short range thermal cameras etc.

“Safety is a constant concern, which is why we turned to Wärtsilä. We have worked with them in the past and their experience in traffic management systems is second-to-none,” commented José Antonio San Martín from DIRCOMAT.
The system is a clear example of our ‘Smart Marine’ approach to raising efficiency and safety levels.

Image caption: Camera anti-fog filter disabled (technical specifications)


Eduardo_Rosiello Callao

Image caption: Eduardo Rosiello, Wärtsilä’s senior sales expert in Latin America

"The system will significantly improve the port’s efficiency by integrating hi-end Wärtsilä products and technologies. The VTS will be fully integrated with the Wärtsilä-provided port management information system, and will have smart CCTV tracking," summarized Eduardo Rosiello, Wärtsilä’s senior sales expert in Latin America.

Image caption: Camera anti-fog filter enabled (technical specifications)


Port Callao Peru


Image caption: Port of Callao, Peru. Credit: Grand voyage 2011

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