Wärtsilä Voyage releases an integrated Fleet Operations Centre

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13 Jul 2020
Wärtsilä Voyage

Wärtsilä Voyage releases an integrated fleet operation service to help fleet operators increase safety and awareness of voyage planning and execution. 

The solution brings vessel, manager, operator and port working together in a transparent environment supported by Artificial Intelligence. Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Centre replaces a puzzle of components from different suppliers enabling the all-in-one workspace. 

  • Be aware of changes in weather conditions through playback and play ahead
  • Keep on top of environmental compliance and navigational warnings by combining additional chart information layers
  • Focus on those vessels which require your attention
  • Get extended situational awareness through mirrored information from the onboard equipment
  • Drill down to the pin-point situations where further investigation is needed
  • Understand WHAT happens and WHY

Fleet Operations Centre. Transparency, awareness and efficiency
fostered on one screen

Fleet Operations Centre is provided as a part of Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution.
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