Wärtsilä NTPRO Aracaju training area

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17 Feb 2020

Check out the latest development of Wärtsilä Navi-Trainer Professional (NTPRO) 5.40 -- new exercise areas, designed to ensure hands-on, realistic experience! The latest exercise areas include:

  • Deception Bay, Canada / Customer: Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre;
  • An exercise area with the possibility of mooring operations for Salaverry (Peru) / Customer: Peruvian Navy Naval School – ENAG;
  • Aracaju training area - Aracaju is the capital of Sergipe state on Brazil’s northeast coast;
    10 areas in Oman: Shinas, Suwayg, port Barka, port Bugha, port Dhalkut, port Taqah, Qurayyat, port Seeb, port Sur, and Dibba. Dibba port exercise area was designed for the purpose of common navigational trainings with a possibility of mooring operations within High-Detailed zone / Customer: Royal Oman Police Headquarters.

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