The top 10 skills for maritime industry in 2020

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12 Nov 2019

As technology fosters industry development, a gap in skills is rapidly widening. Automation of processes onboard calls for a set of skills that goes beyond what machines are capable of; non-technical skills, the so-called “soft skills” (which doesn’t refer to software though). The industry has tried to manage that through competence; however, it is the performance of the crew that also plays an essential role. Increasingly competitive market with information overload adds pressure on people operating ships. Over 80% of all marine accidents are rooted in human error and it causes $1.6 bn insurance losses (Allianz Group, 2019). If the gap in skills is not paid enough attention, that number can be worsened even further.

The World Economic Forum has identified the following top 10 skills asked for 2020, which turn out to be mostly “soft skills”:
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Coordinating with others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive flexibility

The first obvious step is to assess the present soft skills and to base the development of crew’s competence on that assessment. Therefore, having a simulator becomes a necessity to understand how people handle the situation, how they react, how they manifest it through their behaviors.

Humans will always commit mistakes, there will be accidents. Human behavior is the source of virtually all such loss. But remember: it is also the reason why such loss is not greater

- Capt. Albert E. Bartilad, Vice President and COO of Manila Shipmanagement & Manning


Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions is a game-changer when it comes to developing a range of simulation and training solutions, so that the digital future is welcomed with open arms. We not only bridge the gap between standards of training and required level of competency, but also ensure that the crew’s skills, be they soft or not, are fully assessed and leveled up.

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