Suez Canal Authority showcases Wärtsilä’s simulation solution to Egyptian President el-Sisi

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21 Apr 2021

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt on March 30 visited the Suez Canal Authority’s (SCA) Maritime Training & Simulation Centre as a part of a celebration marking the successful re-floating of the mega container ship Ever Given. The vessel had recently made global headlines for blocking the critical international trade route for six days.  

The President’s visit was aimed to get an overview of SCA’s facilities, where the government delegation was also showcased the capabilities of SCA pilots in handling big vessels and large traffic to maintain safety in the canal. 

As a part of this tour, President el-Sisi was also given a demonstration of Wärtsilä Voyage’s advanced simulation technology, which helps in training and preparing SCA pilots for all navigational challenges.  

Developed over a period of 25 years, the system has the most advanced and accurate hydrodynamic, environmental, visual, and physical modelling in the industry.  


This ensures that the SCA Team has all the necessary tools to simulate the extraordinarily complex forces experienced by such large vessels in shallow water channels. The system, for instance, can augment exact environments for challenging conditions like strong and variable winds, restricted visibility, sandstorms, and can even recreate incidents such as that involving the Ever Given.   

These capabilities of the system are used in training as well as acts as an operational research platform, and thus, is a highly valuable tool to manage and mitigate associated risk.  

Wärtsilä Smart Simulation provides an unrivalled platform for maritime operational research, as has been proven in numerous port and manoeuvrability studies successfully completed by our users all over the world.

- Neil Bennett, Director, Sales Americas, Wärtsilä Voyage

"As maritime rapidly moves towards a digital future, it is an ideal tool for solving the new challenges of autonomous vessel research."

The smooth functioning of the global supply chain depends highly on skillful and experienced seafarers. By applying smart simulation learning and research technology, Wärtsilä Voyage continues to support the shipping industry to achieve greater efficiency, minimise climatic impact and deliver a higher level of safety even in the most complex operational environments.  

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